Welcome to Mobility Matters

Veterinary Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy

Mobility Matters is a small animal veterinary physiotherapy and hydrotherapy centre based in Lichfield.

We offer a range of services in physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and chronic pain management.

Why choose Mobility Matters?

  • All of our team are fully qualified veterinary physiotherapists and are registered with NAVP. This ensures that we are all acquainted with current research and rehabilitation techniques, having to undertake 25 hours of CPD (continued professional development) each year.
  • All of our treatment plans are tailored to your animals’ condition and requirements, taking into account all of your animals comorbidities for optimal recovery.
  • We work closely with your vets to provide your animal with the best chances of rehabilitation. Employing a range of modalities each applied at the most appropriate stage of rehabilitation.

If you have any queries or think your dog may benefit from physiotherapy or hydrotherapy please contact us at info@mobilitymattershydro.co.uk

To find out more about what services we offer, click below or get in contact with us today.