Physical therapy

Veterinary physiotherapy is an evidence based profession which involves the use of a variety of modalities with the aim of relieving pain, improving function, proprioception, core stability, strength and balance in the event of injury, illness or disease. While preoperative interventions can help to lengthen and strengthen soft tissues which may have become contracted and atrophied as a consequence of limited use. The early implementation of physiotherapeutic intervention has been concluded through empirical data to reduce recovery times and optimise function following many commonly performed surgeries involving the musculoskeletal and neurological system.

We strongly believe that any intervention undertaken in the centre needs to be supported with a rigorous homecare routine. Consequently our patients are provided with home treatment plans and our owners are taught remedial treatment techniques so they become an integral part of their pet’s rehabilitation programme.

We are frequently asked how many sessions are necessary for certain conditions and due to the dynamic nature of the treatment techniques and the varying rate of improvement we see between patients we are unable to offer prescriptive treatments with specified timeframes or durations. We do however offer every family our promise of support and commitment throughout their pet’s treatment. We understand that the recovery period is often a very emotional time for owners and just having someone offering advice and support can prove very beneficial.